Goodness all the babies are giving me baby fever here lately!  The little man didn’t help that at all!  Mr. L is 6 months old and as adorable as can be!  He has the biggest and brightest smile! Can’t wait until he turns one!


Miss G came to me for her 9 month mile stone session about a month ago!  She was so cute I could hardly stand it!  She was 100% smiles the ENTIRE session, it was sooo hard to narrow down the images in her final gallery!  Her daddy is currently away with the Army, but her daddy doll is never to far away!  We got some pics of her and mom at the end of the session, can you tell where she gets her looks from?!  They are both beautiful!



Oh Boy!  Miss B and I had an amazing time at her glitter session!!!!  This little lady was turning 4 and her mom wanted a fun photo shoot, I had been dying to do a glitter session and when she suggested it I was 1000% all for it!

The session was sooooooo much fun!  Can’t wait to do another!